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How to advertise your new service business

So you’ve got a service business. How do you promote your business and get new clients without spending a fortune on advertising? Continue reading

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Pricing For Future Growth, Even in a Down Economy

Cutting prices may seem like a good tactic when the economy slows. But is it really? There may be a better way, a tactic that might position you more strongly to take advantage of situation when things eventually turn around. Continue reading

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Four Tips For Making a Living With a Crafts Business

Do you aspire to making a living with a crafts business? The Wall Street Journal (of all places) has four crucial tips for you. Ignore these at your peril! Continue reading

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Don’t Get So Comfortable

Here’s a tip for growing your business I picked up from the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference. Continue reading

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Make Money with Social Networking?

If you receive a spam email or other solicitation offering to teach you how to make money fast by exploiting social networking sites, don’t do it. I think it’s a bad idea. Here’s why. Continue reading

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Free Live Chat for Your Website

If you’ve been considering implementing live chat on your website, but have been holding back over considerations of cost… Google comes to the rescue with a new free tool. Check it out! Continue reading

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How Do You Decide What Kind of Business to Start?

Often, when we ask what kind of business to start, we’re told to think about what kinds of things interest us and what our skills are. But what if you can’t think of anything you like to do, or if you don’t believe you have any skills? Continue reading

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