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Site offers several free articles and tips on how to write an effective press release, along with a sample press release, other resources and a free newsletter. They also offer press release writing and distribution services for a fee.
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A free online press-release distribution service. Sign up for a free membership and you can begin immediately submitting press releases. Allow two days for their editorial review before your release will appear on their site. They also offer a free article on how to write a press release and a sample press release format.
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PRWeb New!
This is pretty much the leader of all the online press-release distribution services. You can opt to submit your release for free, or you can make a contribution. The more you contribute, the more services you receive and the higher priority your press release gets. The standard rule of thumb is that you should contribute at least $80 to get optimal benefits.
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Public Speaking Success
I remember once reading a survey that showed many people were more afraid of public speaking than anything else, including dying! Does this apply to you? Would you rather die than stand up in front of a group to speak? Public speaking, whether a "big speech" at a convention or an casual after-dinner talk at your local business networking group meeting, can be a tremendously effective method of marketing your business. This site promises a "breakthrough public speaking system" that will have you speaking to thrilled audiences without being terrified.
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