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Ready for some adventure?

Check out the exciting, fast-paced world of Internet auction selling! Whether you’re looking to earn supplemental income or a full-time living, it’s quite possible as an online auction seller.

Of course, the largest and best-known Internet auction Web site is, but they’re far from the only online auction site. There are other general sites as well as niche auctions that appeal to specialty audiences.

However, making a successful living as an Internet auction seller does take work. You need to find (or make) products to sell. You need to know how to write effective, attractive listings that will help bring in more bidders. You need to know how to market and promote your web auctions outside of the auction Web sites themselves, to bring in the largest number of bidders.

The main limit on your earnings will be the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest, and how willing you are to learn the ropes.

There are also practical considerations, such as: what payment methods are you going to accept? What shipping method(s) are you going to use? If you need special packing materials, where are you going to get them?


Make Your Net Auction Sell! The Masters Course
This e-book from Ken Evoy will help every aspiring Internet auction seller become more successful. This free download is the same course that Ken originally sold for $30! Whether you’re an experienced seller or you’re just starting out, this guide can help you maximize your profits while minimizing your wasted time. Learn where to get products you can sell, the best methods of shipping (or how to avoid shipping altogether, if you prefer), how to make sure you get paid and what mistakes to avoid.I strongly recommend you give this one a try.
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Worldwide Brands Drop Ship Directory
This is a constantly-updated online directory of wholesalers, light bulk sellers and drop shippers. Many so-called "wholesalers" and drop shippers are nothing more than scams. The suppliers listed on this site have been vetted for authenticity and can provide you with a wide variety of goods to sell online. Worldwide Brands is certifed by eBay and is a member of the BBB Online.
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Garage Sale Strategies for eBay success
This e-book will help you learn how to recognize those hidden treasures at your local garage and estate sales, and sell them for a profit on eBay.
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Auction Yen software
Software to help you quickly and easily identify products that eBay customers REALLY want. If you’re offering what people are looking for, your chances of success are increased.
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Let’s get started!

Internet auctions can be a wonderful, fun and exciting way to make a very good living — as long as you’re willing to invest the time and effort up front to learn the ropes.

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